“HID Button over Interrupt Driver” on KVM Windows 10/2016 guest (ACPI0010)

If you use KVM virtualisation to run some Windows 10/2016 guests, you’ve likely noticed the device, HID Button over Interrupt Driver in device manager with a yellow triangle, even after you’ve installed the VirtIO drivers.

According to bug 1377155 this is a regression in Windows and is caused Microsoft putting a spelling mistake into an inf file which incorrectly identifies a device.

According to that RedHat Bugzilla link, the resolution is to delete the offending driver from the registry and from the disk.

However, it is far easier to just select the right device in device manager I find… Obviously you can just incorporate the fix into a new image you use for new VMs but on the older ones it might be easier to just select the right driver. Especially if you only run 5-6 Windows VMs like me. The solution is:

    1. Open Device Manager -> Right click HID Button over Interrupt Driver -> Click Update Driver Software…
    2. Click Browse my computer for driver software
    3. Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
    4. Select Generic Bus and click Next
    5. Click Close and the device should now be operating fine.

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