Grow Your Portfolio With Us

Amazon Web Services-hosted Cardano Staking Pool.

  • Tax Ratio: 1% (1/100)
  • Fixed Tax: 0
  • Ticker: PYRO

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How It Works


Stake Your ADA

Use Daedalus Wallet or Yoroi to stake your ADA against our pool (search for our ticker: PYRO)


Pool Finds A Block

Wait until the pool finds a block. Sit back and relax.


Receive Rewards.

PyroNexus will take 1%. The 99% is distributed to you and other stakers in the pool.

About Us

We're a new pool, but we're here to stay. We have a 3 year tenancy already paid with AWS and the pool is operated by an experienced Software Engineer and Server Admin.

To give our clients the best ROI through providing a stable, 99.9% uptime, high performance pool.

We are a team of Enterprise experienced engineers working with enterprise knowledge to provide a positive experience to our pool stakers.

Our pool runs on Ubuntu 18.04 for its world-reknown stability and performance using AWS EC2 T3a instances.

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Our Life Story

Our Team

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Craig Crawford